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LynDee Bonner

Hey and welcome to June + Penny!  My name is LynDee, and this is my shop and blog.  I am a mom of two small girls, married 7 years to my Husband Ryan, and happily reside in the gorgeous Heber Valley of Utah.


I make and sell jewelry, and fun accessories!  My grandpa used to make jewelry he would buy from the Native Americans in Pocatello, so ever since I can remember, I've been stringing beading wire, and crimping tubes to make jewelry!  We always had a craft room full of beading materials growing up, it was just a fun little hobby to remember grandpa by!

We found out we were having another little girl in December of 2013, and once the initial shock and anxiety of extra drama wore off, I quickly got to work on planning all of their matching outfits! That's what over-bearing moms do best, right!? Well then I became worried that my tot was going to be jealous of the baby from the get-go, and I had heard that to wear off toddler suspicions, have the new baby give them a gift when they meet them. What better than matching sister bracelets!? I ran over to my Parents, pulled out all the beading supplies and got to work!  A set turned in to two, then 3, then a dozen (ha)! My friends were inquiring about baby gifts, that turned in to custom orders, then sister sets, then Mommy + me sets, and so on! That's when I opened up my shop!

I love to laugh, chocolate, diet Coke/Pepsi/Dr. Pepper (I have no cola preference, as long as its diet!), designing and creating visually appealing items, super trashy reality tv, and traveling. 

Thanks for dropping by! 

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